Zippcoin provides a RESTful web service API that developers can use to create zippcoin transactions and retrieve transaction history on behalf of users.

The most basic flow looks something like:

  • Retrieve the user's account number and current balance by specifying their email address
  • Use the account number to make payments to other users, or to retrieve prior transaction details


JSON is used for all request and response bodies.

Standard HTTP status codes are returned when appropriate. Errors are returned in a standard JSON object that always includes a field called errorDescription.


All API calls are encrypted with SSL and use the HTTPS protocol.

Almost all API calls use HTTP basic authentication. The username and password are the email and password that the zippcoin user signed up with.

Test Page Usage

This page functions as API documentation and live testing tool. You can use it to easily create working API requests, and use those requests as templates for your app.

  • Use the menu above to select a method
  • Enter the user's email and password for authentication
  • Fill in the parameters for the particular request and click the "Generate Request" button. The auth header, request URL, HTTP method, and JSON request body will be displayed.
  • If you wish, click the "Submit Request" button to submit the request to the live zippcoin API and see the response.